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Contract Dispute?

A contract dispute occurs when one party is not satisfied with the product or service rendered by the other. When the signing parties are unable to reach a mutual agreement for remedies of the dispute this may result in a lawsuit for damages. Luckily, Taylor Law Firm has experience with contract dispute resolution, and we are here to help!

Types of contract breaches we can assist you in pursuing are:

Material breaches- Material breaches refer to a failure of obligations presented in the contract which are significant enough to give the displeased party the right to sue for a breach of contract in order to put themselves in the position of being made whole, as if the breach had not occurred.

Minor or Immaterial breaches- Minor breaches give the aggrieved party the right to pursue damages for services that are functional but did not meet the complete satisfaction that was agreed upon at the signing of the contract. Minor breaches do not void the entire contract.

Fundamental breaches- Fundamental breaches occur when an essential contractual term has failed to be completed by a signing party. This type of breach calls for immediate cancellation of the entire contract.

If your situation is listed above and you have decided to take legal action, we can assist you in having the terms of the contract enforced, petitioning the court for complete cancellation of the contract, and even requesting restitution. Also, keep in mind the best way to avoid contract disputes is to have the terms of your contract reviewed by professionals, such as Taylor Law Firm, to ensure that your interests are being met.

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