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At Taylor Law Firm, our practice philosophy is to aim to identify the key dynamics that might delay a case from completion or increase expenses and then discuss these with our clients. Our goal is to then determine the approach to use with the opposing party and his or her counsel, to try to resolve the case by agreement, at mediation, or at trial. 


David had five stones and a sling shot to defend himself against Goliath. Many lawyers will focus on "the Goliath" of the case and do one of two things—either never take the case because all they see is Goliath or, take the case, lose, and blame Goliath for the unfavorable result.


Such thinking does not meet our standard. While we understand the Goliath of all tough cases, especially criminal cases, we know how to beat the odds. We know how to find that one stone needed to win. At our firm, the standard is to take the tough case, not complain about Goliath, but rather find that one stone—that part of your story—that will convince a jury to vote for us.

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