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Alexandria J. Taylor
Managing Attorney


Alexandria began her journey in 1998 at Michigan State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Thereafter, she attended Eastern Michigan University where she obtained a Masters in Business Administration. Continuing her tour of Michigan colleges/universities, Alexandria went on to pursue her Juris Doctor at University of Detroit Mercy School of Law. During Alexandria’s law school career she managed work and school while being mom to her two children, Jackson & Jillian. Her love of the law, specifically litigation was birthed in her first year of law school during the G. Mennen Williams Moot Court Competition. Although she had given numerous presentations in undergraduate and graduate school, public speaking was something she generally shied away from.  Leading up to the competition, she prepared as if preparing for a PhD dissertation.  She rehearsed, said her argument in the mirror, and did everything humanly possible to eliminate the butterflies, all to no avail. 


On the morning of the competition, all students met on the 2nd floor for a light breakfast.  Food was the farthest thing from her mind. As time ticked closer to starting, she went into the restroom, feeling ill.  Pulling herself together, she went down to the first floor and waited outside of the room she was told to report.  When they called her name, she ambled in as if walking the Green Mile to her demise.  There was no turning back.  Upon entering the room, seated were three judges (senior attorneys) who she was confident would annihilate her with questions. After some brief preliminaries, it was her turn. She started with her roadmap and was instantly peppered with questions from the panelists. At that moment, something clicked, and it was like she came alive.  She confidently and articulately responded to questions, made her arguments, and then it was time for her colleague (defense counsel) to argue. In that moment, she felt like she could conquer the world.  When it was her turn to respond, she methodically destroyed her opponent’s arguments, taking even more questions from the panel. And just like that, her passion for litigation was birthed. 


After that experience, she realized that sometimes your greatest successes, and most rewarding accomplishments, are buried in your fears.

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